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Web Services

Web Development, Hosting, Content Creation, Maintenance, IT Support
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Grant Writing, Fundraising Strategy, Annual Campaigns
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Email & Digital Marketing, Social Media Management
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Graphic Design

Fundraising Campaign & Event Materials, Annual Reports, Mailings
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"Good design

is good business."

Thomas Watson, Jr.

Mobile Optimization

Did you know that 60% of all web traffic in 2023 was mobile web traffic?

Your website is often a new customer's first impression of your product or service. If 60% of your site traffic is on mobile, how confident are you that your mobile website looks polished enough to pull in new customers? Are you sure that everything from your desktop website functions properly on a smartphone?

A lot of web designers and developers can create a beautiful desktop website for you, but will they make sure that everything is optimized for mobile viewing? Surprisingly, some web designers will not.
Kumquat Creative will take the time to ensure:
  • Your desktop layout converts in a way that makes sense for how visitors use features on mobile.
  • All of your text is an appropriate size for easy reading on smaller screens.
  • Your headlines stand out to guide visitors through your site content.
  • All of your images are the optimum size for efficient loading.
  • All of your image sliders and galleries render properly.
  • Your mobile site is as polished and professional as your desktop site.
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We Are Juiced About

Supporting Nonprofits

Let us squeeze the most out of your fundraising budget with targeted research to identify funding sources that align with your organization's mission and goals, grant proposal writing, donor communications, campaign design, and more.

The Kumquat Creative Team has raised nearly $38 million in total.

Seeding Success

Support for Small Businesses

We love working with local businesses and small business owners to nurture their brand's potential. Whatever your business size and stage of life, we'll execute your brand with both professionalism and artistry. Let us support your growth, from roots to results.

Our Focus, Our Clients

We are open to working with any type of nonprofit or business, but we specialize in supporting certain types of clients. We find that when our values are aligned with our clients’ values and priorities, we are better able to meet their needs and help them support their communities. We focus on supporting the clients who we can fully join in their mission and goals.

A Few of Our

Satisfied Customers

Ruth Livengood Cropped
Rarely in my professional journey have I worked with someone as skilled and knowledgeable as Kumquat Creative. They were able to take my rough vision for a website and transform it into an incredible resource for my business. They were easy to work with, quick to respond, and they are multitalented. I can't recommend them enough.
Ruth Livengood, Owner
Bread of Life
Mfmc Logo 300x292
I applaud Kumquat Creative on their excellent work on our convention brochures for several years. They created colorful designs and assisted in obtaining nonprofit postage to lower our mailing costs. I look forward to working with them again in the future!
Kaye Rittinger
Michigan Federation of Music Clubs

Cultivating Fresh Ideas...


Kumquat Creative

Kumquat Creative is a highly skilled and experienced brother & sister team who specialize in fundraising, communications, design, and professional websites with an artistic flair.

We collectively have 40 years of experience in website development and maintenance, digital marketing, communications, fundraising, nonprofit work, and graphic design. Between the members of our team, we have raised nearly $38 million for various nonprofits.

To learn more about our team members, click on their photographs.
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Our Pricing

Your organization is ripe with possibilities, so contact Kumquat Creative to set up a free initial consultation. During that meeting, we will assess and discuss your business or organization’s need for various services. Then the Kumquat Creative team will customize a pricing package for your project or an ongoing service agreement.

We are accustomed to working with local businesses and small to medium-sized nonprofits, so our pricing reflects our desire to serve these organizations within their budgets.

For an initial client assessment, or more information regarding our fundraising, communications, or graphic design services, please contact Lauren Alise Schultz at

For more information regarding our web services, please contact Jeff Mitchell at

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Let's Talk

Jeff Mitchell

Jeff Mitchell is a technologist and website builder with experience supporting both large and small nonprofits, faith-based organizations, and small businesses since 2004.

Jeff got his start in web design by creating a site for the (fictional) burger chain Mr. Beefburger. After that entertaining project and several sites for (real) local businesses, he decided on a career path that combined his love of art/design and technology. Working with advisors at the University of Detroit Mercy, he designed his own hybrid degree – because no web design degree even existed at the university yet. (Yes, he’s older than he looks…)

Since 2009, Jeff has served as the Director of Communications, the Director of Design + Digital, and the Director of Digital Experience at Ward Church in Northville, Michigan. The evolution of his position at Ward has allowed him to explore the best ways to employ evolving and new technologies in support of a multimillion-dollar organization. At the same time, Jeff has also been working as a freelance web developer, using his numerous IT and design skills to support smaller nonprofits and local businesses. Further, Jeff has personally raised $30,000 through the nonprofit organization Venture. He has cycled over 6,000 miles to fundraise in support of building a school in Uganda, helping Burmese refugees in Thailand, and rescuing children and women trapped in sex-trafficking. The funds he has raised include nearly $25,000 in corporate sponsorships to cover the overhead costs of his cycling trips, with the result that all individual donations went directly to support Ugandan students, Burmese refugees, and trafficked individuals.

To view Jeff’s resume and learn more about his individual work, visit

For questions about Kumquat Creative’s website development, web hosting, and IT/web maintenance services, contact Jeff at

Lauren Alise Schultz

Lauren is a communications and fundraising consultant who has raised $37 million for various nonprofits since 2010.

At the age of six, Lauren wrote her first book about her favorite flavors of ice cream. When that magnificent narrative was complete, she decided that she would become some sort of writer. As an adult, Lauren became passionate about having an impact in areas such as literacy, education, the arts, child welfare, and community leadership. She was thrilled to realize that she could use her writing superpowers to help support nonprofits and expand their programs. With each grant that Lauren successfully secures, she has the satisfaction of knowing that she is helping to change the world – one nutrition program, school library, or foster care mentoring program at a time.

To that end, Lauren has been involved with fundraising and nonprofit work since 2003 and began working as a Grant Writer in 2010. In the last 13 years, Lauren has secured $32.6 million in government contracts and $1.3 million in private funding for various nonprofit programs through the formal grant application process, an additional $2.2 million at formal fundraising events, and $837,000 through fundraising campaigns. Lauren’s previous and current clients include organizations in the New York City metro area; Washington DC; Baltimore, Maryland; Alexandria, Virginia; Boston, Massachusetts; Orlando, Florida; Des Moines, Iowa; and the southwest region of Michigan.

To view Lauren’s resume, learn more about her individual work, and view her writing and art portfolios, visit

For questions regarding Kumquat Creative’s fundraising and nonprofit services, graphic design projects, and ongoing communications services/support for nonprofits, contact Lauren at